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Welcome to the Ethical Traveler podcast!

Travel is amazing – it can be inspiring, and even life-changing. It’s also one of the world’s most powerful forces for good will.

Here on the Ethical Traveler podcast, we’ll bring you interviews with writers, artists, and adventurers, music from all over the world, fascinating news, even a weekly contest. We’ll give you tips on the best places to travel, chat with people who are doing fantastic things for the planet, and let you know how you can get involved.

Never forget that travel has become the WORLD’S biggest industry. Nearly one in ten people on this planet rely on the travel market for their livelihood. This means that our community of travelers is potentially the most powerful political action group in the world. It’s amazing, but true. It means that where we go – and what we do when we get there – can literally change the world.

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Podcast host Jeff Greenwald is the executive director of Ethical Traveler. He’s also the author of six books—including Shopping for Buddhas, The Size of the World, Snake Lake and Scratching the Surface. Highlights of his 35-year career include serving as an engineer at the first Cambodian refugee camps (1979), creating the first international travel blog (1993), and interviewing the Dalai Lama about Star Trek. He launched his stage career in 2003 with a critically acclaimed one-man show, Strange Travel Suggestions.

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Latest Ethical Traveler Podcast:

Podcast Episode 3 with Faith Adiele

Jeff is joined by Faith Adiele, founder of the nation’s first workshop for travel writers of color. Her work includes Meeting Faith, her memoir about becoming Thailand’s first Black Buddhist nun; the PBS documentary My Journey Home; and Coming of Age Around the World: A Multicultural Anthology.

We also have stories on Baikal Watch and Ethical Travel to Israel.

Have a listen!


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