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Podcast Episode 11 with Rolf Potts

Jeff speaks with Vagabonding travel author Rolf Potts about his terrific new book, Souvenir; Natalie and Jeff discuss how volunteers abroad face “white fragility;” we hear some great music by Balkan Beat band Äl Jawala.

Have a listen!

Resources for the books, organizations & music in Episode 11:

Opening Morocco story by Matthew Felix:

2018 Himalayan Writers Workshop, with Jeff Greenwald & Laurie Wager:

Interview: Author, teacher, and travel journalist Rolf Potts:

ET News: How “white fragility” impacts volunteers working abroad:

For more ET News with Natalie Lefevre, visit


Opening story (Matthew Felix): Oud music from the Fez souks – Marocain Awtare

Podcast Theme Music: Energizer, by Stephen Kent, from the album Family Tree

Closing track: Circle by Äl Jawala. Based in Germany, Äl Jawala (“The Travelers”) is
part of the Balkan-Beats movement. Circle is from their 2016 release, Hypnophonic.
Look for their newly released album, Lovers.

Additional music by Jef Stott

Geo Quiz-zine #11:

Q – English lawyer and diarist Henry Crabb Robinson dined with the help of a
souvenir molar. He found this tooth on a famous European battlefield — which one?
A – Enter and win Rolf Pott’s new book, Souvenir!

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