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Podcast Episode 12 with Christina Brobby and Mary Ann Thomas

Mary Ann Thomas
Christina Brobby

Jeff speaks with Mary Ann Thomas and Christina Brobby, two travel writers of color from VONA (Voices of Our Nation’s Arts); we hear some great music by Oisima and The Polyversal Souls.

(Note: Because of the longer than usual interview, no News this podcast.)

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Resources for the books, organizations & music in Episode 12:

Opening Nicaragua story by Jamilah Malika:
(Jamilah’s website is under construction)

2018 Himalayan Writers Workshop, with Jeff Greenwald & Laurie Wagner:

Interviews: Mary Ann Thomas and Christina Brobby, two travel writers
of color from the VONA Workshop:

ET News: Women travelers and harassment:

For more ET News with Natalie Lefevre, visit


Opening story music (Jamilah Malika): Mmhmm, from Nicaragua Nights, by Oisima

Podcast Theme Music: Energizer, by Stephen Kent, from the album Family Tree

Closing track: Sad Nile is by The Polyversal Souls. A Berlin-based band that draws
from several African styles, most notably Ethiopian Jazz. The track is from their 2015 release, Invisible Joy.

Additional music by Jef Stott

Geo Quiz-zine #12:

Q – In a 2013 interview, the late Anthony Bourdain was asked where he would eat if
he knew he had only 24 hours to live. In what city was his chosen restaurant located?
A – Enter and win Faith Adiele’s Thailand memoir, Meeting Faith

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