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Podcast Episode 10 with Willie Weir

Jeff speaks with adventure bicyclist Willie Weir about the pleasures and perils of two-wheel touring. Natalie and Jeff talk about global music festivals, we tune into some mesmerizing music by Omar Faruk Tekbilek, and quiz you about a not-so-delicate Croatian delicacy.

Have a listen!

Resources for the books, organizations & music in Episode 10:
Opening Bullfight story by Erin Byrne:

Interview: Bicycling travel expert Willie Weir:

Some music concerts that give back to the community:

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Opening story (by Erin Byrne): soundtrack from Spain20 Bullfighting Favorites by Don Vicente and His Orchestra from-spain-mw0000587636

Podcast Theme Music: Energizer, by Stephen Kent, from the album Family Tree

Closing track: Araf by Turkish musician, composer and peace activist Omar Faruk Tekbilek, from his 2017 album Love is My Religion my-religion/1227965622

Additional music by Jef Stott

Geo Quiz-zine #10:

Q – What culinary specialty is offered on the shores of Croatia’s Mljet Island?
A – Enter and win Willie Weir’s book!

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