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Ethical Traveler Announces 2021’s “Ten Best (Post-Pandemic) Destinations” Awards

(BERKELEY, USA — FEBRUARY 2021) — Every year, California-based Ethical Traveler reviews the world’s developing nations for their commitment to human rights, social welfare, and environmental protection. The ten destinations with the most impressive records are honored with Ethical Destinations Awards. For 2021 – mindful of 2020’s COVID challenges – we did something different: We […]

Travelers Have Enormous Economic Influence

(BERKELEY, USA — JANUARY 2020) Travel is the world’s biggest industry. Nearly one in 10 people on this planet earn their living from travel and tourism. By being mindful of where we go – and what we do when we get there – travelers can literally change the world. Each year, California-based nonprofit Ethical Traveler […]

Top Ten — Wait, Make That 9 — Ethical Destinations for 2019

(BERKELEY, USA ― January 2019) For the first time in the history of the Ethical Destinations Awards, a winner has been disqualified at the last moment. As this report was being finalized, Chile was removed from the list of winning countries due to problems with its human rights policies. On the other hand, Nepal—still recovering from […]

Winners Announced: Top 10 Ethical Destinations for 2018

(BERKELEY, USA ― February 2018)  Travel can be a force for positive change. The travel industry provides roughly one in 10 jobs worldwide. Individual travelers can use that economic clout to make a difference when they travel. Berkeley nonprofit produces a comprehensive annual report on the most ethical destinations in the developing world. The […]

Event Announcement: the 2018 Ethical Destinations Awards

Interested in responsible travel? Please join us in Berkeley for our annual awards ceremony and reception: 2018 Ethical Destinations Awards Saturday, January 13, 2018 7:00pm sharp (doors at 6:30pm) Awards presented by: Jeff Greenwald, Executive Director, Ethical Traveler Malia Everette, Founder, Altruvistas One of the best things mindful travelers can do is spend their tourist […]

The World of Ethical Travel Now Has A Podcast

Jeff Greenwald, host of the Ethical Traveler Podcast (BERKELEY, USA — NOVEMBER 2017) Travel is a powerful force for good will. It’s also the world’s biggest industry: Nearly one in 10 people on this planet rely on the travel market for their livelihoods. This makes travelers the most powerful social action group on Earth. It […]

2017 Ethical Destinations Awards Winners Announced — New Year Brings New Options for Vacationing With Your Values

(BERKELEY, USA ― January 2017) As travel consumers, we vote with our wallets each time we take a trip. By spending money at destinations with sustainable practices, we show our support in a measurable way. If human rights and the environment are issues you support at home, consider factoring these issues into your vacation choices. […]

2016 Ethical Destinations Awards: Winners Announced

(BERKELEY, USA ― January 2016) What do Grenada, Micronesia, Mongolia, Panama, and Tuvalu have in common? All five countries are making impressive strides to conserve natural resources, support human rights and protect animals. They are also first-time winners of the annual Ethical Destinations Awards. For 2016, these winners join five winners also recognized by Ethical […]