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How Can Travelers Sustainably Help the Places and People They Visit?

As ethical travelers, we’re always looking to give back to the people and places we visit. The classic problem with international charity efforts is that they can fail to create local buy-in, and particularly fail to achieve a sense of local ownership of the new project. We’ve all heard about the unintended consequences of do-gooder […]

White House Seeks To Harness The Transformative Power Of Travel—US Government Promotes Study Abroad and Citizen Diplomacy

Last month I was honored to attend the first-ever White House Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. The administration invited the top 100 travel bloggers and digital influencers to Washington DC to discuss how to encourage citizen diplomacy. The administration wants to see more people-to-people connections across borders. And for this first summit, that […]

Resources to Study Abroad: U.S. Government Programs

The State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (or the ECA)’s mission is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchange that assist in the development of peaceful relations. The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange […]

Swim with Dolphins Tourist Trap Leads to Travel Conference Boycott

Video of Brooke MacDonald and Morgan Catch Japanese Fisherman Slaughtering Dolphins — Content Warning: Age Advisory The 2014 Travel Bloggers Exchange, or TBEX, happens this week in Cancun, Mexico. TBEX is the world’s best known travel bloggers conference. Bloggers attend in order to hone their craft and network with each other, destinations, airlines, and other […]

Planet, People, Peace: International Sustainable Tourism Leaders Gather in Costa Rica

Costa Rica—for many of us, just the name brings forth mental images of green rainforests, cloud-shrouded volcanos and, of course, beaches. Costa Rica has successfully branded itself as a sustainable tourism destination for many years, so its wildlife preserves and other natural resources are top-of-mind for many travelers. This fame makes Costa Rica a good […]