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Elephant Exploitation for Tourism: From Zoos to Jungle Treks

The ethics of using animals for the amusement of tourists was again called into question recently following an attack on an animal keeper in Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Lucy Melo was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being crushed against a post by a baby elephant during a morning training session […]

Conservation Challenge: Improving Relationships between Humans and Large Animals

As more and more large animals are driven to the brink of extinction, one of the primary challenges facing conservationists lies in counteracting the belief that such wildlife endangers human settlements and livelihoods. A number of organizations are now aiming their work at alleviating conflict between humans and large animals, with tourism identified as an […]

Ten Most Wanted List Names Endangered Species

The World Wildlife Fund recently released its biennial “10 Most Wanted Species” list, which draws attention to plants and animals that are endangered because of illegal trade and consumer demand. Such familiar species as the great white shark are listed alongside lesser-known species like the humphead wrasse, a coral-dependent fish whose lips are considered a […]