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Conservation Challenge: Improving Relationships between Humans and Large Animals

As more and more large animals are driven to the brink of extinction, one of the primary challenges facing conservationists lies in counteracting the belief that such wildlife endangers human settlements and livelihoods. A number of organizations are now aiming their work at alleviating conflict between humans and large animals, with tourism identified as an […]

Can Cell Phones Solve the World’s Problems?

It’s no secret that the rise of the cellular telephone has had a profound social impact, enabling people to stay connected and access information from almost anywhere, whether at home or on the road. Yet the potential of mobile phones to become tools for positive change is just beginning to be tapped, say global leaders […]

Will Peru’s New Military Intervention Law Exacerbate Conflicts?

With conflicts over natural resources in Peru escalating, the passage of a new law permitting military intervention to address civil unrest has left Amnesty International concerned about potential human rights violations in the country. On September 11 the military was deployed under the new law in anticipation of protests over a proposed irrigation project in […]

Human Trafficking Expected to Increase during World Cup

While many in South Africa cheer the influx of tourists arriving for this year’s FIFA World Cup, others warn that with them will come an increase in human trafficking, specifically of women and children. In a controversial report, the South African Drug Control Authority estimated that 40,000 sex workers will enter the country for the […]

Swimming with Dolphins: Good for the Tourists but Bad for the Animals?

Swimming with wild dolphins offers a thrilling opportunity to get close to one of the world’s most intelligent species, but a new study has shown that the activity may be harmful to the well-being of the animals. While organizations such as the Humane Society have long criticized captive swim with the dolphins (SWTD) programs, less […]

UN Criticizes Australia for Revoking Anti-discrimination Law

The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous peoples issued a report last month condemning Australia’s Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) Act for further alienating the Australian indigenous population. The NTER Act was enacted in response to a report detailing allegations of child sexual abuse in […]

GPS Mapping of Kenyan Slum Help Aid Organizations Improve Services

Nearly a third of Nairobi’s population lives in the Kibera slum, the world’s second largest informal settlement, yet the Kenyan government does not recognize its existence. The lack of government aid has taken its toll on public services. There is just one toilet for every 1,300 residents, and high crime rates drive most people to […]