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Surf Tourism: The Good, the Bad, and the Waves

Colonizing. That’s a term Leon Mach has used to describe surf tourism. “Colonizing in the sense that surf tourism often arrives first to remote coastal areas and effectively takes over the development process,” says Mach, the co-founder of SeaState, a program that offers courses related to sustainability in several countries. “Often this entails rapid development […]

Costa Rica Vows to Protect the World’s Sharks in International Meeting

Two weeks after being named the “Shark Enemy of the Year” by the conservation NGO Sharkproject International, Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís stood before a room of the world’s premiere shark experts and professed his commitment to conservation. “I firmly believe that the double responsibility to conserve the environment and serve the people is […]

Planet, People, Peace: International Sustainable Tourism Leaders Gather in Costa Rica

Costa Rica—for many of us, just the name brings forth mental images of green rainforests, cloud-shrouded volcanos and, of course, beaches. Costa Rica has successfully branded itself as a sustainable tourism destination for many years, so its wildlife preserves and other natural resources are top-of-mind for many travelers. This fame makes Costa Rica a good […]