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Paris Climate Change Agreements: What Does this Mean?

Photo courtesy of Earth & Water Watch It is a document built on hope for the future of our planet. The end of 2015 saw nearly 200 countries in Paris finally come together and agree to the first universal, legally binding deal aimed at tackling global warming: the Paris Climate Change Agreements. The job ahead […]

Pope Francis Takes a Stand on Climate Change

On June 18, 2015, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church released an encyclical, one of the most formal documents that can be published regarding Catholic doctrine. This particular release, however, was one for the history books as it is highly controversial within the church. Pope Francis released a statement discussing climate change and environmental […]

China’s Great Green Wall Tests the Limits of Reforestation

By 2050, more than 42 percent of China will be green—that is, if China’s plan to build a 400-million hectare (988-million acre) “Great Green Wall” to block expanding deserts and fight climate change takes root as planned. Launched in 1978 and officially known as the Three-North Shelterbelt Forest Program, the network of artificial forests is […]

Travelocity and Expedia, Making it Easier for Travelers to Be Green

According to Friends of the Earth, air travel is the world’s fastest growing source of the greenhouse gases which cause global warming. In fact, studies suggest commercial aircraft generate almost as much carbon dioxide annually as the entire continent of Africa. For the concerned traveler, purchasing carbon offsets is one relatively simple and inexpensive way […]

Loss of Mt. Kilimanjaro Icecap Linked to Global Warming

The snow and ice that usually top the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) have virtually disappeared in what geoscientists estimate is the first time in approximately 11,000 years. Environmental activists say the icecap’s loss is a direct result of rising temperatures in recent decades. According to Greenpeace, the damage to Mt. Kilimanjaro is a harbinger […]

Greenhouse Gases Spell Disaster for Asia

Global warming trends and changes in weather patterns will have disastrous effects across Asia by 2050 unless greenhouse gases are reduced globally, say numerous climatologists and green groups. Citing current weather trends, they predict that, over the next 50 years, rising waters will force residents of many Asian islands to evacuate, water-borne disease will spread […]

New Life Brings Evidence of Global Warming

Scientists recently discovered new evidence of the trend toward global warming. Blue mussels, which normally favor warm water, were found 800 miles from the North Pole, where they have not been recorded for a thousand years. In Canada, Inuit reported seeing robins for the first time. “The climate is changing fast,” said Geir Johnsen of […]