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Greenhouse Gases Spell Disaster for Asia

Global warming trends and changes in weather patterns will have disastrous effects across Asia by 2050 unless greenhouse gases are reduced globally, say numerous climatologists and green groups. Citing current weather trends, they predict that, over the next 50 years, rising waters will force residents of many Asian islands to evacuate, water-borne disease will spread and the severity of storms across the continent will increase.

A record 10 typhoons and tropical storms hit Japan in 2004. In Bangladesh, Nepal and India, floods affected 50 million people, ruining livelihoods and leaving thousands ill. And in northern China, drought has persisted since the 1980s.

Experts say that deforestation and air pollution in Asian countries magnify the problem. High levels of greenhouse gases – most notably carbon dioxide – already emitted can induce climate change for years, affecting both agricultural land and clean water sources. These changes are taking place as Asia’s population continues to grow, and the demand for food, water and resources increases.

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