Syrian Tourism Threatened in the Wake of Political Controversy

Many would agree that Syria is home to a proud people with a great cultural tradition. It is well known to tourists for its religious travel as well as its significant historical value. Although the history of Syria has been a tumultuous one, having undergone several periods of political instability, it is still best known […]

Microsoft and United Nations Team up to Improve Tourism in Africa

Microsoft Corporation and the United Nations have partnered to create an online infrustructure they say will improve tourism in Africa. The idea is that increased promotion, centralized information, and connectivity will lead to a more efficient tourism sector and increased visitation, ultimately contributing to the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In addition […]

Galapagos Threatened by Introduced Species

The isolated and biodiverse archipelago of Galapagos is a double World Heritage site, with both the land and the marine area being protected. While Galapagos is in many ways thriving, the flora and fauna are being threatened by invasive species. More than 600 miles off the Ecuadorian coast, Galapagos has a rich ecology which caught […]

Travelocity and Expedia, Making it Easier for Travelers to Be Green

According to Friends of the Earth, air travel is the world’s fastest growing source of the greenhouse gases which cause global warming. In fact, studies suggest commercial aircraft generate almost as much carbon dioxide annually as the entire continent of Africa. For the concerned traveler, purchasing carbon offsets is one relatively simple and inexpensive way […]

U.S. Government Holds Citizens in Pakistan

Muhammad Ismail, 45, and his son Jaber, 18, are United States citizens being held against their will in Pakistan. Not by kidnappers or by a rogue gang of terrorists, but by the U.S. government, who allege that the Ismails may be al Qaeda sympathizers. The elder Ismail is the brother of Umer Hayat of Lodi, […]

Madonna Adopts Malawi, Seeks to Reduce Poverty

Even the most road-worn travelers scratch their heads when asked to locate Malawi on a map. But as of late, Malawi is entering the spotlight on the coat-tails, or rather the Kabalah strings, of an American pop icon – Madonna. Though Madonna has yet to set foot in the country, she is already causing Malawians […]

Mexico Unstable in Aftermath of Elections

As dissatisfaction grows with recent election results, protests have given way to violence in some Mexican cities; many say the conflicts will escalate, further endangering the country’s citizens, businesses, and tourism industry. After a tight loss in the July 2nd presidential election to National Action Party candidate, Felipe Calderon, and the partial vote recount still […]

New Railway Links China and Tibet

On July 1st, The Qinghai-Tibet Railway made its first passenger trip from Xining, the capital of northwest China’s Qinghai Province, to Lhasa in Tibet. Called the “sky train,” the 4.2 billion dollar railway was built by the Chinese government to “promote stability” and boost tourism. Construction for the project started four years ago. Now complete, […]

Lebanon Once Again in Ruins

In 1990, Lebanon finally saw the end of a bloody and destructive civil war which had been raging within its borders since 1975 and had left most of the nation in ruin. Since then, with the help of substantial foreign investment, Lebanon’s economy had made a sound recovery. Rebuilding of cities and infrastructure began in […]