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New York Takes the High Line

The High Line, an elevated rail line spanning 22 blocks and running through three Manhattan neighbourhoods, was constructed in the 1930s to transport freight out of New York. Out of use for over forty years, however, it has been under the threat of demolition since the mid-1980s. It was then that Joshua David and Robert […]

From Iran with Love: Nuclear Facilities Open to Foreign Tourists

What some have dubbed as the new tourism niche, nuclear tourism–in which travelers visit atomic power plants and other nuclear-related sites–is quickly becoming all the rage and drastically altering how some people choose to spend their vacations. One need only look as far as the Trinity test site in New Mexico, which comes fully equipped […]

Footprint Too Big for Nature, According to WWF

In its biennial report released in Beijing on October 24, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claims that if the world’s consumption of the Earth’s resources is not dramatically altered, human beings will need two planets’ worth of natural resources by the middle of this century. An “ecological footprint” is the environmental impact or demand that […]

Syrian Tourism Threatened in the Wake of Political Controversy

Many would agree that Syria is home to a proud people with a great cultural tradition. It is well known to tourists for its religious travel as well as its significant historical value. Although the history of Syria has been a tumultuous one, having undergone several periods of political instability, it is still best known […]