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Who Owns History? Global Repatriation Treaties Prompt Slow but Steady Return of Historical Treasures

Across global civilizations the axiom “to the victor goes the spoils” has ruled nation building and enhanced museum collections. Colonial expansion, imperialism and war have been the basis for many of the cultural collections currently housed in national museums and archives around the world. Despite anger on the part of countries that lost cultural treasures, […]

To Climb or Not to Climb Sacred Mountains: The Case of Uluru

Is your vacation choice blasphemy? Travelers visiting churches, mosques and temples are used to making concessions such as wearing head coverings, removing shoes or refraining from photographing sacred items. But what if the holy site is a living mountain? How do you preserve its sanctity? Do you opt not to hike or photograph it? Indigenous […]

The Rise of Farm Tourism: Rent a Cow and Other Trends

You may be used to renting a house or a car when you go on vacation, but how about a cow? An enterprising farmer in Switzerland is offering the chance to do just that. It’s part of a trend toward farm tours, extended farm stays and other vacations that promote sustainability and the preservation of […]