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Progress Made on Eliminating HIV Travel Restrictions

Despite a growing global effort to end discrimination towards individuals with HIV, 45 countries currently enforce travel restrictions against people living with the disease. The United Nations and GCBHealth (formerly the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) are working with government officials and decision makers in the private sector to reverse this intolerant […]

Bike Tourism a Rising Trend

No longer just for the athletic elite, bike tours are becoming a fast-growing trend in the travel industry—and tour operators have taken notice. Travelers are seeking out bike tours to stay active, minimize environmental impact, and experience diverse landscapes and cityscapes at a closer level. This trend is part of an overall growth of interest […]

2012 Tourism for Tomorrow Award Winners Announced

The World Travel and Tourism Council recently announced the winners of the 2012 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, which recognize world leaders in sustainable tourism. According to the Council, the awards were created to highlight and honor best practices “beyond short-term considerations (and the) benefits not only for people who travel, but also for people in […]

Kenya’s Sea Turtle Crisis

Watamu Beach in Kenya attracts flocks of tourists who spend their days sunbathing, snorkeling and diving along hundreds of miles of coastline on the Indian Ocean. Yet increasing tourism—Reuters reports total visitors to Kenya as a whole rose 15.4 percent to 1.26 million in 2011—and other human-induced factors are putting marine wildlife, particularly sea turtles, […]

How to Save Money with Eco-friendly Travel

Although increasing numbers of hotels, resorts and tour companies support sustainable practices, these “green” options often come at a premium. As a result, travelers sometimes feel as though they must choose between their environmental consciousness and their budgets. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Making simple choices to go green while traveling may […]

Cleaning Up Air Travel

Air travel accounts for three percent of global carbon emissions, which may seem like a minor offense in the spectrum of environmental transgressions. However, according to the Christian Science Monitor, air travel is steadily increasing at five percent every year, and the number of aircraft alone will likely double in the next 10 years. With […]

Can We Protect Machu Picchu?

July marked the 100th anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu, an appropriate time to reflect on the impact of tourism on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the Associated Press, the ancient Incan city welcomes an average of 1,800 visitors per day. With so much tourist activity at the ruins and the surrounding […]

Community Bike-Share Programs in Africa: Challenges and Benefits

In areas without easily accessible public transportation, people must walk to commute, run errands or get to school. But in many cases, foot travel just isn’t efficient enough. For many people, a bicycle is the answer. Community bike programs have already been running in major cities all over the world, including Paris, London, Montreal, Mexico […]

China’s National Museum Gets a Greener Profile

The National Museum of China reopened in March after almost four years of construction and over $380 million in renovations. Curated by the Ministry of Culture and the People’s Republic of China, the museum is located in Beijing, next to Tiananmen Square, and was designed to combine elements of the former Museum of Chinese History […]