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The Rohingya: The World’s Most Persecuted People

Since coming out of a lengthy military rule, the country of Myanmar has transitioned into a democratic government with a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, as its prime minister. However, despite the political changes, latent ethnic tensions and anti-Muslim sentiments have remained the same, and a recent book suggests that they reach […]

Travel for Humanity – How Tourism is Helping Refugees

Over the last several months, refugees have been front and center all over the world as governments have debated whether or not to accept them. Some refugees who have settled in Western nations have been fortunate enough to find helping hands to ease their transition into a new country. But have tourists and the tourism […]

Cyprus Overwhelmed By War Refugees

Since the conflict in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel began on July 12 of this year, nearly 40,000 people have fled to the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus (1) to escape the deadly fighting. Tens of thousands more are expected to follow (2). The Republic of Cyprus’ government has publicly expressed its limited capacity, and […]