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Is Post-Natural Disaster Tourism Ethical?

In 2004, Justin Francis decided to visit Phuket on vacation. It certainly wouldn’t seem out-of-the ordinary for a Westerner to holiday in Phuket – after all, a little less than 3.5 million non-Thais visited the island in 2004. But his excursion to the popular tourist destination didn’t come at the best of times. Phuket – […]

A Hot 2015 Hurricane Season in the Pacific

Despite the 2015 hurricane season coming to a close in the Pacific Ocean, it continues to be a hot topic amongst both meteorologists and civilians. Setting records in a variety of areas and threatening popular tourist destinations along the Pacific coastlines, it’s certainly a season that will go down in the record books. What Happened? […]

Arizona Faces Travel Bans in Response to Controversial New Immigration Law

At least 17 cities across the nation have passed official travel boycotts to Arizona in response to a tough new illegal immigration bill passed in the state in April. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 gives local authorities the right to question and request proof of immigration status from “suspicious” individuals. Opponents believe the bill supports racial […]

Mexico Unstable in Aftermath of Elections

As dissatisfaction grows with recent election results, protests have given way to violence in some Mexican cities; many say the conflicts will escalate, further endangering the country’s citizens, businesses, and tourism industry. After a tight loss in the July 2nd presidential election to National Action Party candidate, Felipe Calderon, and the partial vote recount still […]