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Meet Malawi’s Female Chief Who Is Ending Child Marriage

In a country that has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world, Malawi has established a new law preventing child marriage, and Chief Theresa Kachindamoto of the Dedza district in the Central Region of Malawi is enforcing it with a serious passion. In the last three years, she has dismantled 850 […]

El Nino Impacts Hunger Warnings in Southern Africa

The World Food Programme has warned that 14 million people in Southern Africa face hunger because of last year’s poor harvests caused by the El Nino weather pattern. This naturally occurring phenomenon, which takes place every two to seven years, was particularly strong in 2015. The WFP, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, made […]

Madonna Adopts Malawi, Seeks to Reduce Poverty

Even the most road-worn travelers scratch their heads when asked to locate Malawi on a map. But as of late, Malawi is entering the spotlight on the coat-tails, or rather the Kabalah strings, of an American pop icon – Madonna. Though Madonna has yet to set foot in the country, she is already causing Malawians […]