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Would a Trump Presidency Affect International Tourism to the USA?

Tourism is a huge industry in the United States of America (USA), and international arrivals are at an all-time high. In April 2016 alone, international visitors to the USA spent US$21 billion on travel and tourism-related activities. Despite the current boom in international tourism, many professionals in the travel industry think that the trend could […]

Arizona Faces Travel Bans in Response to Controversial New Immigration Law

At least 17 cities across the nation have passed official travel boycotts to Arizona in response to a tough new illegal immigration bill passed in the state in April. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 gives local authorities the right to question and request proof of immigration status from “suspicious” individuals. Opponents believe the bill supports racial […]

Central America to Open Its Borders

Officials from nine Central American countries met last month to work out a plan for looser border regulations – a first step toward operating as a regional unit similar to the European Union. Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and the Dominican Republic collaborated to change border policies to allow greater freedom in travel and […]