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Do Backpackers Leave More Than Footprints?

Many backpackers are well intentioned when setting out for beckoning distant lands that perhaps they’ve only read about in guidebooks or heard about from friends who’ve made the journey themselves. As these travelers arrive on foreign soil, they boost the local economy by staying at local hotels, guesthouses or hostels and eating at local establishments. […]

The Final Call: Author Leo Hickman Examines the True Costs of Tourism

As the relative cost of airfare declines and the number of daily flights soars, once exotic destinations are increasingly within reach of the average traveler. The world has become more accessible, with trips that once took days or weeks now made in the time it takes to have a cocktail and a nap. But what […]

Book Review: Travel, Humanitarianism, and Becoming American in Africa

The New York Times recently reported the collapse of Madonna’s $15 million project to build a school for poor girls in Malawi, where she has adopted two children. Mismanagement and cost overruns by Madonna’s charitable organization led to the project’s failure, but its merits were questioned earlier, when her philanthropy consultant suggested the money would […]