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You Wouldn’t Ride an Elephant… But What About a Camel?

Exhausted Camel The camels looked happy enough. It wasn’t until closer inspection that I began to notice things. The wooden splint pierced through the nose with ropes attached to either side to control the camel. The various sores and scratches across the camel’s body. During my recent travels around Rajasthan, India, one of the highlights […]

Costa Rica Vows to Protect the World’s Sharks in International Meeting

Two weeks after being named the “Shark Enemy of the Year” by the conservation NGO Sharkproject International, Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís stood before a room of the world’s premiere shark experts and professed his commitment to conservation. “I firmly believe that the double responsibility to conserve the environment and serve the people is […]

Wildlife Tourism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Wildlife tourism has long been an attraction for people. From bullfighting halfway across the world to visiting the local zoo, it has played a predominant role in not only the way we learn as adults, but also in the way we teach our children about the natural world and our interactions with that world. However, […]