Martial Arts Odyssey : Lai Tai

On my return to Shanland I met with another leading Lai Tai, Kung Fu student and filmed his art. As always, I met up with Kawn Wan, interviewed him about his views on martial arts and on the future of the Shan people. youtube.com/watch?v=cLzpgjSpA5A I need some help. My paramedic training is going well in […]

Gone Kurtz, on the Burma Border

American Thomas Bleming sees himself as the new Karen liberation fighter, but does anyone else? “Let me tell you about the army. The army is some guy you don’t know, sending you out to wack some other guy you don’t know.” Al Pacino, “Donnie Brasco” Mercenary, soldier of fortune, fast-gun for hire, even the job […]

Living to Help His Shan People

“Inside Shan State we cannot teach Shan language. And, when youth talk about politics there is retaliation. Even talking about the meaning of democracy, even thinking about the meaning of democracy is dangerous.” Said twenty year old Kawn Wan. After his family was murdered and his village Burned, Kawn Wan completed his education and became […]

Review of Rambo IV, the first film ever made about the conflict in Burma

See Antonio’s review on youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=I0ywz2laKbg The latest Sylvester Stallone film, “Rambo IV” depicts the war in Burma. In the film, Rambo delivers a group of missionaries doctors into the Karen State. The village is attacked by the SPDC (Burmese Army) and Rambo must lead a group of terrible mercenaries on a rescue mission. Just […]

Free Burma Rangers bring relief and training to Burma’s tribal people

Love each other. Unite and work for freedom, peace, and justice. Forgive and don’t hate each other. Pray with faith. Act with courage. Never surrender. —The motto of the Free Burma Rangers “If I get discouraged, I can go home, but the Karen tribe cannot.” These were the words of one of the many brave […]

Overview of the War in Burma [video]

Although many people in the west know about Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the monk protests of 2007, they don’t understand the overall conflict in Burma (Myanmar). Antonio Graceffo made this video in the hopes of educating the west and raising awareness of the suffering inside of Shan State, Burma. [youtube id=”mN5bXsR8l-Y”] View related […]

Robbed by the SPDC

Hseng Mun was twenty-three years old when he stepped on a landmine while fighting the SPDC inside of Shan State. His leg was crudely amputated at the knee joint. Field medics often lack bone-saws and are forced to cut through the tendons at the knee joint, with a knife, removing the entire lower half of […]

Casualties of War

Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this story I have changed all of the names of people and places, to protect the innocent. When the war is over, I would be happy to release the real names. I hope that day comes soon. Soldiers and innocent civilians are killed directly in a war, but […]

From Tragedy to Triumph, a Life in Shan State

Sai Liang lost everything when his village was burned and his family murdered by the SPDC. He lived on the streets and drank alcohol daily. Unable to care for his younger brother, he was forced to abandon him at a temple. Eventually, Sai Leng made his way to Loi Tailang, where he completed high school […]