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Road Construction to Change Popular Nepal Trekking Route?

At 4:30 in the morning Kumar knocked on the flimsy wooden door of the lodge where I was staying. A few days into my trek on part of the Annapurna Circuit. a popular route for Western trekkers in Nepal, I had agreed to get up before sunrise to hike up Poon Hill. Kumar, my trekking […]

Egypt’s Growing Ecotourism Industry

Ecotourism is getting a face lift in Egypt’s Dakhla Oasis, where visitors who want to experience the natural beauty of the desert without wasting local resources can head to a new crop of eco-lodges that have sprung up in response to local concerns. According to news reports, local villagers worry that too many tourists might […]

Winners of Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Awards Announced

Wild Asia, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable travel, community-based development and conservation of natural areas, recently announced the 2009 winners of its Responsible Tourism Awards, presented annually to tourist accommodations that exemplify best practices for sustainable tourism. This year’s awards ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 28. Awards were given in […]

Bolivia’s Tacana Community Turns to Ecotourism

When travelers think of ecotourism destinations, places like Costa Rica or Belize come to mind, but not Bolivia. This is about to change because the indigenous people known as the Tacanas, of Bolivia’s Amazon region, are banking on ecotourism as an alternative way to make a living. Located at the banks of the Beni River […]

Trend Watch: Organic Farming Grows as a Form of Tourism

Travelers who want to give back to the communities that they visit, while also saving money, are increasingly signing up to work on organic farms throughout the world. One organization that helps match travelers with host farms is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF. Founded in Britain in 1971, WWOOF has attracted travelers […]

Nips and Tucks Go International

People who seek plastic surgery increasingly have the option to tack on a vacation to an exotic locale. Destinations such as Jordan, Thailand, Jamaica and the Philippines offer package deals that include treatment from local doctors and a resort stays to recuperate. In Jordan, hospitals are offering package deals that include air travel. There’s even […]

Brazil Begins Removal of Non-Indigenous People from Northern Territory

Depletion of the Brazilian rainforest has long been known to affect climate change, and preserving this lush area is a major issue for many environmentalists — but rarely does the spotlight shine on the relationship between the native and non-native Brazilians who call this area (the least populated in Brazil) their home. That changed in […]