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Can Technology Contribute to Responsible Tourism?

It goes without saying that technology has revolutionized the travel industry. A light tap or two on your phone can lead you to the right accommodation or the perfect travel partner. So why couldn’t technology serve as a vehicle for travelers to explore the world more responsibly? In many ways, it has. Numerous apps and […]

Travel for Humanity – How Tourism is Helping Refugees

Over the last several months, refugees have been front and center all over the world as governments have debated whether or not to accept them. Some refugees who have settled in Western nations have been fortunate enough to find helping hands to ease their transition into a new country. But have tourists and the tourism […]

An Interview with Sarah Rhodes

Sarah Rhodes has worked extensively in tourism for several years – with a lot of the work conducted in her native Australia. She has, among many other things, worked as both an online manager and digital producer for the South Australian Tourism Commission. However, Cambodia is where her calling led her and she has spent […]

Expats for Impacting Change

Issues of responsible tourism are in the forefront of many travelers’ minds. And it’s not surprising that many of them volunteer during their travels. However, it’s not just visitors that are working to make the tourism product more responsible. Many expats are making significant contributions in their new countries. We’ve added the limelight to a […]

Going Beyond Hospitality

As an increasing number of travelers are preferring homestays over hotels, it’s not surprising that farms all over the world have emerged as a popular accommodation option. Indeed, a simple Google search reveals a large number of choices for people who prefer the comforts of a farm during their travels. While World Wide Opportunities on […]