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Poorism on the Rise: Homeless City Tours

Dark tourism or “poorism’ is on the rise, giving curious travelers the opportunity to see poverty up close in person. Tours of Rio’s favelas or South Africa’s townships have long been established as popular day trips. A new trend in both Western and developing countries is tours guided by homeless or formerly homeless people showing […]

Going Local: An Introduction to Community-Based Tourism

As more and more travelers look for ways to see the planet without leaving a negative footprint, alternatives to mass tourism are growing in popularity. Referred to as ethical travel, responsible travel or sustainable travel, these new trends range from ecotourism and rural tourism to voluntourism and community-based tourism. All of these forms of tourism […]

Ticking Time Bomb Under Bali Tourism

Bali tourism has slowly been recovering from the suicide bombings in 2002 that took the lives of 202 people, many of them foreign tourists. Thanks to political instability in Thailand, Bali welcomed a record 2.2 million foreign tourists in 2009. The Balinese government aims to break this record in 2010, hoping to receive between 2.3 […]