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Tourists and Gorillas

For many years, the fate of the mountain gorilla has looked dire. The gorillas live in east Africa’s Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes bordered by Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Gorilla populations face threats from habitat loss, poaching, disease and years of war and conflict. With only approximately seven hundred individuals […]

Green Tourism Awards

Green tourism awards play an important role in the world of responsible travel, offering public relations opportunities and sometimes financial rewards for recipients, as well as a means of selecting responsible operators for travelers. The following well-known green tourism awards offer a wealth of environmentally and culturally responsible options for the traveler. Tourism for Tomorrow […]

Eco-Certification: Battle of the Green-Stampers

Many tour operators have been incorporating ecologically and culturally sustainable principles into their offerings for years. However, there has been no measurable and consistent way to promote or choose a responsible provider. In fact, many destructive tour operators have labeled themselves as eco-friendly to attract travelers. To address this issue, certification programs have been emerging […]

Travelocity and Expedia, Making it Easier for Travelers to Be Green

According to Friends of the Earth, air travel is the world’s fastest growing source of the greenhouse gases which cause global warming. In fact, studies suggest commercial aircraft generate almost as much carbon dioxide annually as the entire continent of Africa. For the concerned traveler, purchasing carbon offsets is one relatively simple and inexpensive way […]

Madonna Adopts Malawi, Seeks to Reduce Poverty

Even the most road-worn travelers scratch their heads when asked to locate Malawi on a map. But as of late, Malawi is entering the spotlight on the coat-tails, or rather the Kabalah strings, of an American pop icon – Madonna. Though Madonna has yet to set foot in the country, she is already causing Malawians […]